5 Products for ‘No Makeup Makeup’

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You Can Achieve the ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look

There is time and care that goes into perfecting this dewy natural look paired with the right products of course.  This concept is being referred to as ‘no makeup makeup’.

no makeup makeup looks

The ‘no makeup makeup’ look consists of playing up your features so that you shine through naturally without looking like you’re wearing a whole face full of makeup.

There are many products out there that are made for the specific ‘No makeup makeup’ look.  It involves being natural and not too forceful in the placement of colour and definitely no heavy contouring.

I’ll provide some tips and tricks on how to master the look.  The ‘no makeup makeup’ look is perfect for the summertime when you don’t want to apply a heavy routine.

Here are my top 5 ways to master the ‘no makeup makeup’ look:

  1. Choose a Sheer Base – There are makeup bases formulated for a sheer, even and build-able coverage.  Examples of these products come from Mac with their ‘Face and Body’ and similar to that, Dior’s ‘Face and Body Foundation.  These foundations are water based and can be applied with the fingers or a beauty blender. They cover without going on cakey and don’t even feel like foundation.  Check out my latest review of the best sheer foundations I recommend for summer time here.  You can also find a ton of Sheer Foundation at Amazon.ca!
no makeup makeup dior backstage foundation
Dior Backstage Foundation – $50 CAD

I’ve also been really into the Mac Face and Body foundation.  I find that it looks like a second skin and I have been wearing it every day.  I tend to apply it with a brush rather than a beauty blender (check out my post on brush vs. beauty blender here).

A tinted moisturizer is probably a good option as well.  My recommendation for the best tinted moisturizer is from Laura Mercier which is her best selling tinted moisturizer.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

no makeup makeup

2. Cream Multi-Purpose Lip + Cheek – Less is more when it comes to ‘no makeup makeup’.  Also, cream products melt into the skin and create a very natural glow vs. powder blush which can look very purposeful. 

no makeup makeup look
Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek – $28

The idea is to use the fingers to create a flush look on the apples of the cheeks. Additionally, as I mentioned above that some of these products are dual there are many cream cheek products that can be used on the lips as well.  The idea is to make your look not too forced but natural and sun-kissed looking.

My favourite product is the Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek (click here to purchase). I love it because it’s a two-fer! I throw it in my purse and I’m covered for the day!  Mac makes an amazing cream blush and you can find some examples of my favourite colours here:

Another amazing product that includes cream blush and cream bronzer and cream highlighter in one palette is from Hourglass called: Illume Sheer Color Trio.  It is sold out but if you can get it, this is one of Samantha Ravndahl’s favourite products for her no makeup makeup look (follow her no makeup makeup tutorial here. 

Hourglass Illume Palette Samantha Ravndahl Recommend


However, if you want a bit of a brighter look, try a highlighting block.  One of the best ones I’ve come across is the Bobbi Brown Shimmer brick.  This will switch up your look for a straight on shine vs. a dewy look which are both lovely in my opinion.

3. Easy Eyebrows –  A good brow gel is the perfect add on to no makeup makeup.  If you’ve seen the latest from Benefit and most recently Milk Makeup, they focus on a spoolie inside a small bottle of product.

No makeup makeup brow products
Benefit Gimme Brow – $32 CAD

Gimme Brow from Benefit allows you to comb the eyebrows as you sweep in the direction of the growth. You can opt for a similar colour to your brows or you can go for a clear gel. Not only are these brow tools easy to apply but they define eyebrows without defining the shape too much.  Remember – play up your natural features!

Also breaking news: the Gimme Brow from Benefit now comes in more shades so if you don’t have to compromise.  I recommend you act fast because they do tend to sell out fast especially #4!

Boy brow from Glossier is another best seller and some say that it is very similar to Gimme Brow from Benefit.

4. A Flash of Colour – The ‘no makeup makeup’ look does not involve a full smokey eyeshadow, rather it’s a quick pop of colour applied to the lids that goes to compliment the entire look.  Likely a neutral or sheer shimmer to give the eyelids dimension.

glolssier lidstar no makeup makeup

A great recommendation is Glossier’s ‘Lid Star’ that comes in a variety of soft pastel colours perfect for that effortless look.  It’s really easy to swipe on a pop of colour.  Glossier is known for their no makeup makeup look and they specialize in a super healthy glow by using minimal products.  If you’re a fan of this look, you’ll love ordering from them because their products are staples. 

Also, one of my favourite bloggers Alex from Chasing Daisies Blog wrote this amazing post on Spring Summer makeup trends that I think you’ll like.  She focuses on natural looking eye makeup for spring also.  Check it out!

5. A pop of mascara – I know many don’t like to leave the house without mascara and that’s fine! But if you’re going for the ‘no makeup makeup’ look, be sure to use one light coat over your top lashes.  Less is more with this look and with a simple pop of colour on the eye you won’t need a lot of mascara to enhance the lashes.

mascara diorshow waterproof no makeup makeup
Diorshow Waterproof Mascara – $38

There you have 5 steps to a ‘no makeup makeup’ look.  Of course, this isn’t an exact science so feel free to add some steps or leave them out.  This look works for me and is my favourite to wear on the weekends when it’s hot out and I need to give my skin a teeny break. The Diorshow Waterproof Mascara is a great option because the no makeup makeup look is great for those hot summer days!

Feel free to share your own tips and tricks for mastering the ‘no makeup makeup’ looks.  I feel like this look could be on that lasts a long time simply because its easy to do.  My routine will change up in the winter time and I would say this is an easy look for most of the year.  There are definitely more products you could use to get the no makeup makeup look but these are just a few of my favourite ones. 

If you have your own suggestions for no makeup makeup, please feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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